We are a plant-based fermented foods company

located in Sacramento, California.

The food capital of the world.


In the begining, there was chocolate, cheese, beer, wine & coffee. All of the worlds best foods are fermented. And now we present...

Cashew Reserve

Some of the most delicious essentials

// Some of the most delicious Essentials // can’t wait to mix it up in the kitchen this week!//

Okaaaayyy, why has no one told me about cashew cheese before?!

skincarebykendra Okaaaayyy, why has no one told me about cashew cheese before?! I am late to the nut cheese game! They had samples of these at the Nugget and they are YUM! I got the Pepper Jack and Herb & Chive flavors. Soooo good!
#skincarebykendra #cashewcheese #theculturedkitchen #vegan

lindseymunarLove that stuff!!
skincarebykendra@lululxmon I'm pretty sure I could eat the whole tub. . . . I see an addiction in my future. Hope you're having fun!!

Vegan cheese spreads and salad dressings!

Cashew cheese at Carmichael Park farmers market Sundays 9-2pm

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There's still time to check out the Carmichael Park and Midtown Farmers Markets! Pick up some great produce for the rest of the week.

jjwalmsleycan you ship to ATL?
theculturedkitchensac@jjwalmsley Yes we can! We have to cold ship though. If you're interested send us a direct message.
barbee9Can I order these online?

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We’re spreading The Cultured Kitchen’s probiotic Cashew Spreads on top of sprouted

vegnews We’re spreading @theculturedkitchensac’s probiotic Cashew Spreads on top of sprouted bagels for a delicious on-the-go meal.
family_flo@suga_shay01 @blasian37 @lexi_lec
suga_shay01@family_flo mmmmm 😋hashtag_marien@absolutelyangelayvonne neeedddddd
absolutelyangelayvonneWhere is this sold?
hope.l.gneed this in my life
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lianajamieI make the best grilled cheeses with the cheddar one!
looksfarwomanI need to move back to the west coast 😢

Anniversary weekend in #Napa calls for #vegansnacks and wine in bed


@sactownvegan (@get_repost)
Anniversary weekend in #Napa calls for #vegansnacks and wine in bed 😋

sactownveganThanks @theculturedkitchensac we absolutely love your products!!! ❤️
theculturedkitchensac@sactownvegan Thank you! That makes our day!

My perfect date with fully vegan cheese plate

theculturedkitchensac @kristina_matthews_7 (@get_repost)
My perfect date with @marcusofdivinelight and fully #vegan #cheeseplate and non alcoholic beer ❤️

vegancavemanOmg this looks awesome! So great 😁 I would be so honored to have you look at my feed and give me any pointers. Thank you 🙏!!

Cashew Reserve by VegNews!



@theculturedkitchensac's Basil Pesto Cashew Cheese spread is quickly becoming a new staff favorite! What are your favorite cashew cheese products?

9-20- 2016


Tired all the time? Lethargic? Migraines? Joint issues? Tired of dieting and disease? Irritated? Maybe you should Feed your microbiome

Tired all the time? Lethargic? Migraines? Joint issues? Tired of dieting and disease? Irritated? Maybe you should Feed your microbiome😄. Cultered goodness and rich in flavor, enzymes, and minerals. If you have been given a diagnosis it's going to take a lot more than eating salads. It's going to take some replenishing. @theculturedkitchensac Rebecca Wise was very sick for many years. She had had enough of her digestive issues so she tuned her lemons into lemonade and created a business from the ground up. Thanks to companies like the cultured kitchen, I do not have to cook from scratch. Currently enjoying this delicious,nutrient rich, enzyme rich, fiber rich snack I threw together. I'm getting my gut ready for a delicious fattening homemade meal😄😁. Stay tuned for dinner and later some dessert 😁🤓. Follow me and be inspired! Get the inflammation down now😄. Cleaning your kitchen out and exchanging it for deliciousness in November 2017. What's lurking in your kitchen pantry ??🤔😁😣. Thinkandgoaloe.org
@theculturedkitchensac @good_culture @simplemills #pecorinoromano ( easy to digest) @revivekombucha
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revivekombuchaLooks tasty!!


Probiotic vegan ranch dressing

CHALLENGE : open your fridge and read some of the labels on your fat free salad dressing or your low fat mayo made with olive oil. Food that has been advertised on television is not going to be good for you. We look at the nice label in the front but we never read the long unpronounceable ingredient list in the back. Those are called chemicals and chemicals and preservatives destroy the body in horrible ways. The innocent mayo in your fridge is not so innocent. If it has soybean oil or yeast extract, you have been eating poison 😣. Once I got rid of the crappy cheeses and Skippy peanut butter and all the other advertised on television food I begin to thrive. My kitchen pantry is filled with company's no one ever hears about. You see I went out and looked for these companies. It took years of searching and reading. I started collecting them 10 years ago. These companies are amazing and they use real ingredients and herbs and the flavor is wow! This is how I got rid of inflammation labeled lupus and unwanted weight and excruciating migraines and joint pain. I stopped eating bits of poison the FDA calls food. It's basically food like substance that the body cannot digest😣. All the food I have been eating is listed free on my website under products page🙆‍♀️. Why? Because i am spreading the truth and God continues to bless me. I found my cure now change your pantry, replenish your body, and find your cure. Throw out all of the Pillsbury, Skippy, Kraft, Campbell's lays, Ritz, and watch your pain level go down. Welcome to my world 15 years ago. Then check out my products page and revamp your kitchen pantry or make your food from scratch. Don't settle for disease!Think! Then go aloe thinkandgoaloe.org and be inspired. Cleaning kitchens out and making smoothies full time in 2017. Self taught pro at cleaning kitchen pantrys😄😄😁🙆‍♀️. I read ingredients like nobody's business. The FDA cannot fool me😁. Time to enjoy a nutrient rich salad with @theculturedkitchensac ranch dressing. Wow! This and @primalkitchenfoods are my go to dressings. #jacksonshonest #ranchdressing #realfood #realingredients #faith #salads #saladdress

myalchemylifeProbiotic vegan ranch? Yes please. I haven't seen this at my store.
kasher63It is yummy, I even had it today on my salad! It's hard to find though.
mermaid_tails_shellsI didn't know you had this!😱 So excited to try it! Who carries it in the Sac area?
theculturedkitchensac@mermaid_tails_shells @myalchemylife We have it at all the Co-ops in Sac, Davis and Placerville. Also, it's at all the Elliot's!
thinkaloegirl@theculturedkitchensac thank you for the repost😙. I love love love your story and your nourishing products Rebeca Wise. Hat's off to companies like yours ! Lupus aka inflammation / pain has completely dissipated from my body. I am excited to meet you one day. In the meantime I Will post your nutrient rich flavorful goodies on my website, fb, and instsgram page. People have the right to be healthy 🙆‍♀️ and now you have created a nourishing avenue 🙆‍♀️. TY😊
vixenkitchen.co Rebeca is awesome!!! @theculturedkitchensac


Prepared my microbiome for a delicious early dinner. How?

Prepared my microbiome for a delicious early dinner. How? Here are a few things I have learned over the years. Lift the burden off of your gut as Rebecca Wise @theculturedkitchensac has done by eating cultured ingredients. she was able to heal ailments from fibromyalgia to allergies and thrive after realizing she needed nourishment. @breadsrsly is delicious and made fresh in San Francisco, Ca. It's an amazing company that makes bread from the heart and free of gluten and soy, plus it has added goodness 🙆‍♀️. It's delicious by the way😄Check out the srsly bread website. Her story is awesome and the reviews speak for themselves. Thanks to companies like these i can enjoy avocado toast, sourdough bread toasted with my favorite easy to digest raw cheese, and sourdough with @theculturedkitchensac cashew reserve herbs and chives. Search and you shall find. Open your mind to the infinite and think! Let the food ideas flow😄. @crunchyfarmgal from Iowa I loved our chat! You inspire me! Keep up the great work ! Lupus is just inflammation. Check out these foods listed and also the ones on my products page @thinkandgoaloe.org and then go to whole foods and shop your heart out. I promote these companies because I see the ingredients they use. Clean, organic and made with love. #grateful #sacramentocoop #realfood #wholefoods #girlboss #healingfoods #aloevera #lupus #lupuswarrior #lupusstrong #kumbucha #crackers #avocadotoast #guthealing #leakygut #srslybread #pecorinoromano #simplemills #microbiome #chronicpain #chronicillness #hope #love #faithful #realfood #theculturedkitchen #sourdough #soyfree
Clean out your kitchen pantry and replace it with nourishing foods and thrive 😄.


Delicious bowl of #wholefood goodness.

 Delicious bowl of #wholefood goodness. Roasted turmeric and garlic carrots (avocado oil, garlic powder, salt, pepper and turmeric roasted til soft at 400 degrees), arugula, #raw cucumber slices and two dips - @sirkensingtons chipotle fabanaise and @theculturedkitchensac #rawvegan basil pesto cashew cheese. #vegan #plantbased #glutenfree #soyfree #healthy #healthyvegan #cleaneating


Cauliflower crust, topped with The Cultured Kitchen Cashew Reserve

vivcat8continuing with today's green theme... experimenting with @califlourfoods plant-based cauliflower crust, topped with @theculturedkitchensac cashew reserve, avocado, cilantro, seasoned salt, pepper and a little swirl of #sriracha. verdict = super YUM. makes eating vegan pretty darn easy. 😜
glwheeler76Looks delicious! ❤️
califlourfoodsYum!!! ✅🥑💚
theculturedkitchensacThat looks so good!
shaybelle9Looks good!

Live Coconut Yogurt


mermaid_tails_shellsThis is the BEST!😍
ashidebYes it is the best!!! Hooked!!! Love this company and the vegan food they put out!!
theculturedkitchensac@ashideb @mermaid_tails_shells Yes! We love hearing that!
thinkaloegirlI enjoy this first thing in the morning.


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LIVING for this cashew cheese!

@phattyvegan (@get_repost)
LIVING for this cashew cheese from @theculturedkitchensac 😜 Thank you @jmohello for the recommendation 🌱🧀 and thanks @wholefoods for supplying my cheese fix 🎉

phattyveganAwesome! You guys make some tasty stuff. Can't wait to try more
theculturedkitchensac@phattyvegan Thank you so much! We love hearing that!
zelleeorganicWonderful :)
the_la_veganYUMMMMM!!!! Post all over us using #thelavegan :)

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Cashew cheese avocado toast



savory toasts on caffeinated bread for #nationalcoffeeday ☕️
#SbyStoast made with @alvaradostreetbakery sprouted wheat & coffee flour pumpkinberry bread (my new favorite) topped with @theculturedkitchensac #vegan herbs & chives cashew spread and {left} @laquercia ridgetop speck + poached egg + salt + pepper • {right} 🥑 + @traderjoes everything but the bagel seasoning #SbySeats


Making a whole bunch of Better Buttah!



theculturedkitchensacMaking a whole bunch of Better Buttah this afternoon. #MadeInTheUSA
littlemissashleyI ate this buttah on my English muffin for breakfast this morning! So good😋
theculturedkitchensac@littlemissashley So glad to know that you like it!


Cashew Reserve by VegNews!



@theculturedkitchensac's Basil Pesto Cashew Cheese spread is quickly becoming a new staff favorite! What are your favorite cashew cheese products?

9-20- 2016