Non-dairy buttery spread. Free of soy and hydrogenated oils. Perfect for spreading on toast and making garlic bread. Delicious on baked potatoes. Excellent for cooking.


  • High in Vitamin E (antioxidant)
  • Naturally Trans-Fat Free
  • Low in Saturated Fat
  • High in Vitamin K (bone health)
  • Rich in Essential Fatty Acids
  • Meets the Criteria for Cholesterol Reducing Diets
  • GMO Free (not genetically modified)
  • RSPO certified for Sustainable Palm Oil Production




Cold pressed sunflower oil, sustainable ethical palm oil*, water, turmeric* & Himalayan sea salt.

*Certified organic ingredient

Garlic Chive


Cold pressed sunflower oil, sustainable ethical palm oil*, water,  turmeric*, garlic*, chives* & Himalayan sea salt

*Certified organic ingredient

Cinnamon Date Vanilla


Cold pressed sunflower oil, sustainable ethical palm oil*, water,  turmeric*, cinnamon*, dates, vanilla & Himalayan sea salt

*Certified organic ingredient


Laurie Scott‎
"OMG!! I just tried the Betta Buttah, it's delish!!!! It melts fabulous and tastes great!!! I have the garlic and chive. Yum Yum Yum!!!!"

Lanet Michell Parker‎
"I am sooooo in love with your cashew cheese and Betta Butta! Cheese and butter were the last two staples that kept me from going vegan, so a huge Thank You for making it easier!! 😊✌🏾️"

Denise Dixon Church‎
"Hello, I found your Plain & Garlic/Chive Betta Buttah @ Sac Foods Co-Op 2 weeks ago & am in LOVE!!"

Name: Marie
"Missed you the last few weeks at Carmichael Park Farmers Market - Understand that you havent been there for a while.  Where else close to Carmichael can we find you -specifically the better buttah -garlic chive...?"

Sol L

"I love their sunflower butter is the best, in fact is the only one in the entire country that does not contain soy or corn or canola. It has few ingredients that we can understand, sunflower oil, palm oil ( that does not affects or disrupt the environment and the animals ) turmeric, sea salt. I was disappointed when my local organic store told me they had discontinued it, so I called them directly and they told me they were not ( miscommunication ) they are improving it and would be in the market in about a month. It is a hit in my house, I spread it on manna bread and have it with my coffee with TMC oil. I also use spread it and add some peanut butter on the fig manna bread and my son loves it! even my dogs love this spread and keeps them regular. Palm and sunflower oil are both excellent source of Vitamin E. Waiting impatiently for it. Hope you don't forget us."

vegnews Vegan butter, anyone? We'll be smearing on this cultured vegan butter from @theculturedkitchensac on our Sunday morning bagels! #nevadacityveganfest
rachaelraeraejohnsonDoes it use palm oil like Earth Balance?
rkbosummerThis is what I've been waiting for ............ 🌱
eclairnaturalsButtah or bettah?! 😉❤️
bryfaeryoooo :-)
epickindness@ejwoz Another for your dad!
veegie.z@rachaelrabbitsurfbunny it uses "sustainable" palm oil...😒
rebeccajfryeI love that stuff!
eyedreamcreativephotographyI love this butter and the brand! And starred in my hometown Sacramento!
consciously_living_Where can I get it ? 🤔
shopprepdevourOmg where can I get this?
cmamantia@nickamantia @lexiamantia wanna try this
robersonclrYes please. Where may I purchase?
paigedk07@justinek0 I always say "bettah buttah buttah bettah"!
karennaloveLove their products! ⭐️❤️
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theculturedkitchensacWe love making good butter!
natureswholefooddepotThe Culture Kitchen’s, Better Buttah is worth trying! This non-dairy butter alternative is high in vitamin E and K, naturally trans-fat free, low in saturated fat, rich in essential fatty acids, and is GMO free!! #natureswholefooddepot #theculturekitchen #betterbuttah #nondairybutter #momandpopshop #shoplocalsonora #sonoraca #livingnatural #healthyliving #naturalhealth #newyearhealth
alanna_michelle24Does it have palm oil in it?
natureswholefooddepot@alanna_michelle24 yes it does. According to their website: “Our palm oil producer is certified through strict verification of the production process to the stringent. RSPO Principles & Criteria for Sustainable Palm Oil Production.”
natureswholefooddepotHere are the ingredients: Original
laaaavieA few Vegan Faves! #dave'sgourmet creamy roasted jalapeño #veganaize (cannot live without) #betterButtah Garlic Chive
shesheg33I love these pics so I know what's good instead of having to try a bunch of things lol. Thanks!