Our company was founded in the year 2010. We have served thousands  of satisfied customers. Check out some of they're comments below.


Beverley Brigham McMaster
"Love the Cashew Cheese...keep up the good work!"


Ernie Hinds‎
"Here's a couple of omelet ideas. Choose the Cashew Reserve product that sounds good for breakfast or as a dinner entree ( we have a collection of flavors) and either mix it in with the eggs before cooking or spread it on top after plating. They're all good.
Thanks for being there Cultured Kitchen."


Ruben Shapiro‎
"U guys are amazing this cashew cheese has been literally sustaining me and g/f for months. Thank u ‪#‎happilyaddicted‬"


Bia Riaz‎
"Great meeting you guys SacTown VegFest. That was some tasty stuff "


Mike Vaughn‎
"Wow. Pepper Jack Cashew Cheese. I put some on my vegan red lintels. That is some amazing cheese. So a new fan!"


Janice Marie Foote‎
"just discovered The Cultured Kitchen and first on my list is your Mayonaze :)
and when bagel season hits = your cashew cheezes"


The Morselist‎
‪"#‎Morselicious‬ ly ‪#‎excited‬ to discover you and taste your ‪#‎AMAZING‬ ‪#‎glutenfree‬ ‪#‎real‬ ‪#‎food‬! Do you have a physical store?"


TheLiving Bo with Sheera
"pssssst .... don't tell anyone but .... after many months The Cultured Kitchen Cashew Cheese is back on the shelves at the BriarPatch Co-op right now!!!!!!! ‪#‎CHEESEGASM‬
-Alexander J. Dita I though it was going to be gone forever!
-TheLiving Bo Blasphemy Alexander! Prophesy has always predicted the death and resurrection of our savior Cheesus Christ"


Karla Klayer Geach

"Omg.....so exciting! I cant get to farmers market as often as I'd like. I'm so glad......more cashew cheese please!"

Miriah Fitch Marysia Shiells

"So good! My very favorite!"


Donata Fantozzi Manning

"I miss this cheese. Hands down best vegan cheese I have ever had. The west coast gets everything good."

Kathy Morales

"Love your foods! The cashew reserves are de-lish!"

Ana Stark - 1/27/17

"OMG the Herbs and Chives Cashew spread is insanely delicious. Happy to find at Whole Foods! Can't wait to try your other products. #Vegan #DairyFree #ILoveNuts."

Alondra Rogers - 11/22/16

"Five stars!"

@phattyvegan (@get_repost)
"LIVING for this cashew cheese from @theculturedkitchensac 😜 Thank you @jmohello for the recommendation 🌱🧀 and thanks @wholefoods for supplying my cheese fix 🎉"

Donna Fullerton
"I'm so excited! I have been having my friends in Santa Cruz bring me The Cultured Kitchen cashew cheese when they visit and I was planning a trip down to Chico to buy some. I requested that the Holiday on Shasta View carry it and they did! It is cultured, like cow cheese, so it doesn't taste nasty like most vegan cheese. I want them to continue to stock it, so Redding vegans and vegan curious, please buy it and enjoy!"


Dian Hardy‎
"Hi, folks! Am enjoying your products, especially the cashew cheese, smoky-style."


Denise Dixon Church‎
"Hello, I found your Plain & Garlic/Chive Betta Buttah @ Sac Foods Co-Op 2 weeks ago & am in LOVE!!"


"Reina Victoria‎"
"I just tried your cheese last night and it was amazing!!!!"


Ernie Hinds‎
"The Cashew Cheese products are terrific. We've gotten four of them and they're all great. "


Ashley Brown‎
"You have no idea how stoked I was to see this back on the shelves. Welcome back!! Bought two "


Kaylie Heimel Petersen‎
"Will the cashew cheeses be available nation wide at any point? I used to buy them in San Francisco....I've moved and I'm hoping they'll show up at the Whole Foods in Overland Park, KS someday.... "


Susie Denegree‎
"Oh, thank god you're back!!!!!"


Lindsay Machado

"omg! this makes me so happy! I seriously look everytime I go to the sac, davis or gv co op. This is a happy day :)"

Michella Ellis

"Can't wait!!!! I shop at Florin, hope I can find it there too, your ranch dressing is my favorite ever but cheese choices there are good too!"

Jake Summers

"Just tried your white cheddar for the first time and I am IN LOVE! Can't wait to try more =]"

Rachel Justice

"Tried the Cultured Kitchen's Cashew Cheese tonight - SO SO good. Perfect for those of us that are dairy and gluten free!"

Keriann Brennan - 2/28/17

"Love the Pesto Cashew Reserve. I've tried your products before through a friend, but I just committed and bought some myself... I'm hooked. I feel like I could eat this is some sort of fashion EVERY DAY. Being Gluten and Dairy Free for 6+ years I've tried a lot of products. This is by far the best. YUM. Well done. I can not wait to try all the flavors. Thank you for making food taste good."

Laurie Scott‎
"OMG!! I just tried the Betta Buttah, it's delish!!!! It melts fabulous and tastes great!!! I have the garlic and chive. Yum Yum Yum!!!!"


Lanet Michell Parker‎
"I am sooooo in love with your cashew cheese and Betta Butta! Cheese and butter were the last two staples that kept me from going vegan, so a huge Thank You for making it easier!! 😊✌🏾️"


Patricia Roten‎
"White cheddar cashew cheese! phenomenal!"


Sarah Dwight-Gilroy‎
"Oh my gosh! I just tried your basil pesto cashew cheese for the first time. It is amazing!!! It is so much like the soft herbed cream cheese I used to love when I was a kid, but it's vegan and soy-free! Thank you!!!!!!!!"


Janet Love‎
"The habanero cilantro lime Cashew Cheese is the perfect substitute for sour cream!"


Lori Gladue-Simkowski‎
"You're back! Oh, how I have missed you Cultured Cashew<3
And Kimchi, and pickled veggies oh my. You have the best products EVER!"


Celestial Health Coaching‎
"I absolutely love your products. Thank you for creating delicious, nourishing food I can recommend to people!!! Keep it up!."


Amber Turner‎
"Picked up your herb and pepper jack cashew cheese at the sunrise farmers market this morning and I LOVE it!!
So delicious!!"


Sierra Madre

"I looooove that stuff especially the herb flavor!"

Name: Marie
"Missed you the last few weeks at Carmichael Park Farmers Market - Understand that you havent been there for a while.  Where else close to Carmichael can we find you -specifically the better buttah -garlic chive...?"

Kairis Joy DoulaNheels Chiaji "Indebted for life!!! That cashew pepper jack is everything!"

Jennifer Anaya

"Lol it's good stuff. They also sell it out at the co-op. Haven't found it in Elk Grove, if you get some bring a tub back for your friends!"

Alexandra Granville - 2/19/17

"My husband and I were blown away by the quality they put into their products. Our favorites are the Herbs&Chive Cashew Cheese and the Live Coconut Yogurt. That Cashew Cheese tho is the best, my husband and I fight over who gets the last bites of it every single time we get it."


The cultured kitchen is my favorite! They have tons of products. They are even in KP Market now for way cheaper, and farmers market is cheaper.